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Also: watch a 43 second clip of a field trip to the Corona Fault by Tim Sherry on Vimeo. The video features authors Christie Rowe and Jamie Kirkpatrick, as well as Geology editor and all-around Englishman Bob Holdsworth.

16. Macey, P. H., Miller, J. A., Rowe, C. D., Grantham, G. H., Siegfried, P., Armstrong, R. A., Kemp, J. N., and Bacalau, J. (2013) Geology of the Monapo Klippe, NE Mozambique and its significance for assembly of central Gondwana. Precambrian Research v. 233 259-281 Download (12 MB)

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7. Meneghini, F., di Toro, G., Rowe, C.D., Moore, J. C., Tsutsumi, A. and Yamaguchi, A. (2010) Record of mega-earthquakes in subduction thrusts: the black fault rocks of Pasagshak Point (Kodiak Island, Alaska). GSA Bulletin v. 122, no. 7/8, 1280-1297. doi: 10.1130/B30049.1 Click here to download pdf (2.6MB)

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1. Rowe, C. D., Moore, J. C., Meneghini, F., and McKiernan, A. W. (2005) Large-scale pseudotachylytes and fluidized ultracataclasites from an ancient subduction thrust fault. Geology, 33 n. 12 Click here to download pdf (1MB)

Other Publications
    van den Ende, M., Bruhat, L., Funning, G., Gabriel, A.-A., Hicks, S. P., Jolivet, R., Lecocq, T., Rowe, C. D. (2021). The Seismica Initiative: Creating a Diamond Open Access community journal for Seismology and Earthquake Science 46 p.

Penniston-Dorland, S. and Rowe, C. D. (2021) Unraveling subduction zone processes: Evidence from exhumed rocks. GeoPRISMS Newsletter Read online

Rowe, C. D., Kirkpatrick, J. D., Blisniuk, K., and Bentley, C., 2020. Creating Geological Field Trips with the Google Earth Creation Tools. Submitted to EarthArXiv May 12 2020. doi: 10.31223/

Williams, R. T., Kirkpatrick, J. D., and Rowe, C. D., 2020. Studying exhumed faults is necessary for understanding earthquake physics. Open Letter to the National Science Foundation (

Streetcar 2 Subduction, a Google Earth-based reboot of the famous geological field trip guides to the San Francisco Bay Area! Created with: , Callan Bentley, Kim Blisniuk and John Wakabayashi with support from the American Geophysical Union. This was an epic, nearly 2 year journey digging down into the geology and tectonics of one of my favorite regions on Earth, learning from geologists I have long admired (especially Clyde Wahrhaftig, the author of the original Streetcar to Subduction field trip guide, a pioneer in SF Bay Area geology and an early leader in diversity and inclusion efforts in the geosciences.

Lapusta, N. et al. (2019) Modeling earthquake source processes: from tectonics to dynamic rupture. Report to the National Science Foundation, United States of America (contributing author)

Huntington, K. W., et al. (2017) Challenges and Opportunities for Research in Tectonics: Understanding Deformation and the Processes that Link Earth Systems, from Geologic Time to Human Time. A Community Vision Document Submitted to the National Science Foundation (contributing author)

Rowe, C. D. (2016) Cover photo. Geology Link

Rowe, C. D. (2013) What Makes a Good Proposal? Reflections on Funding for Structural Geology & Tectonics Research in Three Nations. Invited contribution to Speaking of Geoscience, Guest Blog of the Geological Society of America. Link

Chester, F. M., Mori, J. J., Eguchi, N., Toczko, S., and Expedition 343/343T Scientists (2013) Proceedings of the International Ocean Drilling Program v. 343/343T: Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.). doi: 10.2204/iodp.proc.343343T.2013 Available Online - Click Here

Chester, F. M., Mori, J. J., Toczko, S., Eguchi, N., and Expedition 343/343T Scientists Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 343/343T Preliminary Report. doi:10.2204/ Available Online

Rowe, C.D. and Anderson, L. (2012) A Glimpse of What's Below: Logging While Drilling, Scientific American Guest Blog, April 30, 2012 Link

Rowe, C.D. (2012) Why are there field geologists on a drilling vessel?, Scientific American Guest Blog, April 15, 2012. Link

Rowe, C.D. (2011) Earthquake triggering, and why we don't know where the next big one will strike, Scientific American Guest Blog, March 30, 2011. Link

*Maclennan, S.A. and Rowe, C.D., (unpublished) Kaaimansgat Inlier: A Keystone of the Cape Fold Belt, Geological Society of South Africa, Western Cape Branch End of Year Field Trip, November 29, 2008. Click here to download pdf (8.5MB)

Rowe, C. D. (2007) Comparison between Three Out-of-Sequence Thrusts from Japan and Alaska: Implications for Nankai Drilling Targets from the Rock Record. Scientific Drilling Special Issue No. 1 82-83. Download pdf

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