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Moses Angombe

Status: PhD student
Previous Affiliations: BSc University of Namibia, MSc Stellenbosch University, Geological Survey of Namibia
Field Experience: Mapping: Namaqua Metamorphic Province, Pofadder Shear Zone, Gariep belt and Damara belt, Namibia. Teaching: University of Namibia field school.
Secret Weapons: Napping on hot sand dunes, can camp anywhere, long legs & big steps
Research Interests: Ancient to recent tectonics, shear zones, thrusts zones and roles of fluids, anything that has been broken and transported.
Contact Info: moses.angombe[at]
Recent work: Structure of the Muddy Mountain Thrust, Nevada, USA

Inga Boianju

Status: PhD student
Previous Affiliations: BSc and MS Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Field Experience: Field school at Hebrew Uni, extended mapping for MSc, TA mapping courses for two years, fieldwork with IGS
Secret Weapons: Field tea, a stash of sweets (mostly chocolate and nuts), used to desert climate so carries tons of water everywhere
Research Interests: Structures, faults, folds, tectonic inversion, earthquakes, bedding, everything my hammer can smash
Contact Info: inga.boianju[at]
Recent work: Mapping faults/folds at the Naukluft Nappe Complex in Namibia

Meghomita Das

Status: PhD student
Previous Affiliations: BSc St Xavier's College, Mumbai; MSc IIT Bombay
Field Experience: Katrol Hill Fault, Gujarat (India) ; Towanda Fault Zone, Pennsylvania; Catskills, NY; Malvan, Maharashtra (India); parts of Northern Appalachian Fold-Thrust belt; Tadkeshwar Lignite Mines, Gujarat (India); Noamundi Iron Ore Mines, Jharkhand (India)
Secret Weapons: Snacks provider on the field, good at hunting for the flattest looking rock and a shaded place to sit at on the field
Research Interests: Structural Geology, Tectonics, Continental Deformation Study, Geodesy.
Contact Info: Blog at meghomita.das[at]
Recent work: Topographic growth and deformation in the Katrol Hill Fault, Gujarat; Lateral deformation along the Katrol Hill Fault,Gujarat; Microstructural history of the Towanda Fault Zone, PA

Erin Eves

Status: MS student
Previous Affiliations: BS 2019 McGill Earth & Planetary Sciences, Materials Characterization lab, Montreal
Field Experience: Field school in California/Nevada, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, Sequence Strat in Spain
Secret Weapons: makes a mean field burrito, manages to work "eh" into nearly every sentence
Research Interests:
Contact info: erin.eves[at]
Recent work: Gouge mineralogy analyses, separation techniques

Dr. Carly Faber

Status: Collaborator
Previous Affiliations: PhD: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, MSc and BSc University of Cape Town
Field Experience: Research: Robben Island (South Africa), Aus and the Damara Belt (Namibia), Arctic Caledonides (Norway). Teaching: Laingsburg, Aggeneys, Nuy Valley (South Africa), West Troms Basement Complex (Norway)
Secret Weapons: Digging outcrops out of the snow, cliff-hanging, field pizza
Contact info: carly.faber[at]
Recent work: Subduction of continental crust and nappe stacking in the northern Norwegian Caledonides (Field mapping, P-T modelling, and U-Pb age dating).

Aube Gourdeau

Status: Undergraduate in Geology and Earth System Science
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Flinders Ranges in Australia, bedrock mapping in Abitibi and James Bay, fold and fault mapping in Île d'Orleans, Cap- aux-Oies and Sutton
Secret Weapon: Boomerang rock hammer - I can drop my hammer in the forest and find it the day after. Ask Christie!
Research interests: geology related to climate change, geology related to hazard (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanology, hydrogeology), field work/data collecting, and anything that can mix geology and social justice.
Contact info: aubgourdeau[at] / aube.gourdeau[at]
Recent work: Remote sensing and exploratory field work in Montreal area related to the Western Quebec Seismic Zone

Dana Marino

Status: BSc Student
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Field School 1 in Nevada
Secret Weapons: Human scale, tissues, afternoon sugar cravings
Contact Info: dana.marino[at]
Recent Work:X-ray Computed Tomography analysis of fault rock fabrics in cores from the Naukluft Thrust, Namibia

Nehale Matheus

Status: BSc Student (Hons)
Previous Affiliations: University of Namibia (co-supervised with Dr. Martin Harris
Field Experience: Geologic mapping and lithologic descriptions in the Naukluft Nappe complex
Secret Weapons: Viewing high mountains from the top view and collecting attractive rock from field
Contact Info: pendapala09[at]
Recent Work: Mapping folds in the Cap Carbonate, Blasskrans Valley

Emily Perry

Status: MSc Student
Previous Affiliations: BSc 2021 McGill Earth / Planetary Sciences
Field Experience: California/Nevada (Field School 1)
Secret Weapons: I can perfectly cook a marshmallow, interesting rock spotter
Research Interests: carbonate chemistry, isotope geochemistry, structural geology, all the geology (minus geophysics)
Contact Info: emily.perry2[at]
Recent work: Mineralogical and microstructural description of mylonites from the Naukluft Thrust, Namibia; Age and correlation of Neoproterozoic strata in the Paterson orogen, Western Australia.

Dr. Matthew Tarling

Status: Postdoc (co- with Jamie Kirkpatrick)
Previous Affiliations: PhD University of Otago
Field Experience: don't get me started
Secret Weapons: anything can be a weapon
Research Interests: anything green and slippery                                                                                                
Contact Info: Research website, matthew.tarling[at]
Recent work: Google scholar page

Kaiyuan Wang, BA Geography 2023

Status: PhD student, Brown University
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Pearl River Estuary, Yellow River Estuary, Yangtze River Estuary. Harvested Peatland in eastern Quebec, Morocco.
Secret Weapons: can start a campfire anywhere, fossil hunting
Research Interests: Glaciology, Sedimentology, Paleoclimatology, Geomorphology.
Contact Info:
Recent work: Glacially induced earthquakes in Western Quebec Seismic Zone. Greenhouse Gases emission at actively harvested peatland.

Nathalie Redick, Research Assistant 2022-2023

Status: BA Computer Science / minor Geology graduate
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Field School California/Nevada
Secret Weapons: Knows the words to every Billy Joel song, finding fossils
Research Interests: Tectonics, subduction zones, glaciation, modelling and computational applications        
Contact Info: nathalie.redick[at]
Recent work:

Lukas Lehner, Research Intern 2023

Status: BS student, McGill Earth Systems Science
Previous Affiliations: John Abbott College (Science)
Field Experience: Biological Marine Science course in Roatan, Honduras
Secret Weapons: Can walk far, will eat anything, pasta machine.
Contact Info:
Recent Work:Deep-sea hydrothermal vents, coral reef ecosystems, climate change related journalism/activism, rocks (in the making), implementation of mycology into industrial agriculture, fungal networks.

Maximilien Laly, BA Geography 2023

Status:Cape Breton
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Mapping of archaeological sites in Quebec, land surveying
Secret Weapons: Scout leader (but I don't know that many knots), tall tale provider, always has something to tell
Research Interests: GIS, remote sensing, geomorphology, tectonics, faulting, land management and soil science
Contact info: maximilien.laly[at]
Recent work: Geomorphic and neotectonic mapping in Charlevoix region from lidar DEM

Kiera Hamel, BS 2023

Status: MS student, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Previous Affiliations: None. Field Experience: McGill field school in Quebec and France, research assistant in Nevada, Northern field assistant with the Saskatchewan Geological Survey
Secret Weapons: cool orange pants, scaling vertical rock walls
Contact info: kiera.hamel[at]
Research Interests: structural geology, metamorphic petrology, bedrock mapping, rocks in general (especially when they do weird things)
Recent Work: Interpreting brittle fault structures in the Muddy Mountain Thrust, Nevada

Prof. Veronica Prush, Postdoc 2020-2022

Status: Assistant Professor, New Mexico Tech
Previous Affiliations: BSc Juniata College, MSc Cornell University, PhD University of California, Davis
Field Experience: Altyn Tagh fault, northwestern China, active faults and structural geology mapping in California and Nevada, Appalachian orogenesis in Pennsylvania, volcanic hazard in Ecuador, meteor impact and volcanic mapping in Germany
Secret Weapons: Legendary field pizza maker and will ruin you at puzzles
Research Interests: Active tectonics, Quaternary rates of faulting, remote sensing, linking brittle and ductile fault processes
Contact info: veronica.prush[at]
Recent work: Glacially triggered faulting in intraplate settings

Danny Richard BSc 2022

Status:MS Student, University of British Columbia Okanagan
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: None.... yet!
Secret Weapons: Rock/mineral puns, but mostly out of context to unlucky non-geologists                        
Research Interests: Metamorphic petrology, structural geology, tectonics, anything/everything
Recent work: Analysis of high grade block from subduction melange

Charles Lapointe BSc 2022

Status: MS student, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Mapping in Sutton QC, Gaspé Peninsula, Île d'Orleans, and Cap-aux-Oies, QC
Secret Weapons: Squirrel whisperer; whistling
Research Interests: Solar system, planetary evolution, tectonics, seismology, volcanology, GIS
Work at McGill: Microstructures and mineralogy of samples from sphalerite ore deposits

Tim Howell

Status: MS student
Previous Affiliations: BSc University of Nevada Las Vegas, Castle Mountain Mining, NewCastle Gold, Equinox Gold
Field Experience: Sonoran Desert, Mojave Desert
Secret Weapons: Professional grade camera in hand, will drive on field trip
Contact info: timothy.howell[at]
Research Interests: Following faults, visualizing complex structures in 3D space
Recent work: 3D modeling of a low-sulfidation epithermal deposit from fine-scale mapping of lithology, structure, alteration, metallurgy, and mineralization

Sam Metteer MS 2020
Strength implications of recycled pseudotachylyte fault veins within mylonites of the norumbega shear zone, Southern Maine, USA

Status: Mine Geologist, Barrick Gold
Previous Affiliations: HBSc Lakehead University, field geologist at North American Palladium, Teck, Syncrude
Field Experience: Northwestern ON, Brooks Range, AK, Wood Buffalo, AB
Secret Weapons: Parallel parks pickup truck into tight spots, interprets dreams, endlessly rolls large rock up hill
Research Interests: Shear zones, faults, deformed and metamorphosed rocks
Recent work: Diamondiferous macrocrystic and xenolithic rocks of the Rabbit Foot Dyke, ON. Recycling of pseudotachylytes.

Quentin Sapin Research Assistant 2020
3D models of outcrops

Status: BS student, Honours Earth & Planetary Sciences
Previous Affiliations: none
Field Experience:One month internship in Japan                                                                                             
Secret Weapons: finding nice pebbles, asking a lot of questions
Research Interests: Structural geology, faults and 3D modeling/applications
Recent work:

Julius Naftal Field Assistant 2019
Field mapping in the Naukluft Mountains

Status: BSc Honours in geology
Previous Affiliations: University of Namibia
Field Experience: Mapping Naukluft metamorphic complex, detailed mapping of Haib porphyry copper deposit                                                                    
Secret weapons: light the fire in the field, interesting structures spotter, enjoy the heat from the rocks
Research Interests: exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. geodynamics, tectonics, structural geology and reconstruction of paleo-continents amongst other geology disciplines.
Recent work: 3D modeling of a Haib porphyry copper deposit, mapping of lithology, alteration, and mineralization; Mapping of the Naukluft Nappe complex

Maude Bilodeau Field Assistant 2020 - SURA
Field Mappping in the Muddy Mountain Thrust

Status: MS student, Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University
Previous Affiliations: McGill EPS BS 2021
Field Experience: Field School 1 (California/Nevada)                                                                                      
Secret Weapons: Finding comfy places to nap in the field, fun facts specialist
Research Interests: Experimental petrology and volcanology
Recent work: Plagioclase and quartz nucleation delay in pegmatites

Maggie Whelan Field Assistant 2019
Empire State Mine, marble-hosted sphalerite breccia mapping

Status: MS student, McGill University Earth & Planetary Sciences (Stratigraphy)
Previous Affiliations: none
Field Experience: Nevada/California field school, Massif Central field school, Sequence Strat in Spain and South Australia
Secret Weapons: drinking bad wine, knocking things over
Research Interests: Anything that gets me in the field
Recent work:

Carli Studnicky Visiting Student 2019
Linking fault rock to the seismic cycle in the San Andreas Fault

Status: MS student (Utah State University)
Previous Affiliations: BA Franklin and Marshall College
Field Experience: Lehigh University Field Camp
Secret Weapons: reminding everyone to stay hydrated, always the person to ask strangers for directions, morning hugs
Research Interests: Fault rocks and processes in the upper crust
Recent work: Fault gouge microstructure in the shallow San Andreas Fault

Noah John Phillips PhD 2019
The mechanics of slip at the updip limit of the seismogenic zone

Status: Assistant Professor, Lakehead University
Previous Affiliations: BSc Hons University of British Columbia, MS University of New Brunswick
Field Experience: Lower Fish River Onseepkans Thrust (southern Namibia), Pofadder Shear Zone (South Africa), Minas Fault Zone (Nova Scotia), mineral exploration (Yukon and BC)
Secret Weapons: Uncontrollable hair and guffahs
Research Interests: How rocks bend, break, squish and smash...
Recent work: Mapping deformation features in high grade rocks in Namibia, Deformation mechanisms in creeping faults at different crustal levels (Minas FZ and San Andreas), Experiments on the effects of calcite:dolomite ratios on fracturing

Samantha Carruthers MS 2019
Tectonic Tremor-Like Signal Reproduced with Fracture, Slip and Flow in Laboratory Deformation Experiments on Natural Blueschist

Previous Affiliations: BSc Sonoma State University
Field Experience:Extensive Franciscan field work, Two years of field courses at SSU, Field School with Illinois State University
Secret Weapons: Taking ugly selfies on your phone, undercover pool shark, dog whisperer
Research Interests: Subduction zones, structural anything, earthquakes, almost everything (except for soils)
Recent work: High P/T Griggs Rig experiments on garnet blueschists

Audrey Woo BSc 2020
Examining greenschist-facies deformation overprinting high pressure metamorphic rocks from the Yukon-Tanana Terrane, Yukon Territory, Canada

Status: Undergraduate student
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Australia!
Secret Weapons: The less I try, the more accurately I throw small objects
Research Interests: Metamorphic petrology, hydrogeology, anything and everything          
Recent work: Microstructures in blueschist-greenschist facies transition rocks from Faro, Yukon Territory

Ava Ghods Research intern 2019
Collation and interpretation of fault rock samples from the Muddy Mountain Thrust

Status: McGill Biology Student
Previous Affiliations: John Abbott College
Field Experience: None
Secret Weapons: Will slap you while laughing, iced cap addiction.
Recent work: I noticed that everyone filled out this section with their countless experiences, hence I felt obligated to do so as well but I'm only a CEGEP hello :)

Erin Eves BS 2019
X-ray Diffraction studies of San Andreas Fault gouge

Status: Materials Characterization Lab, Montreal
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Field school in California/Nevada, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, Sequence Strat in Spain
Secret Weapons: makes a mean field burrito, manages to work “eh” into nearly every sentence
Research Interests: mineralogy, igneous petrology, volcanology, faults, tectonics
Recent work: Gouge mineralogy analyses, separation techniques

Mario Nucciarone BS 2019
Water content in mylonitic quartz from the Pofadder Shear Zone

Status: SURA Summer Research Assistant
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Field School 1 in California/Nevada, need more please!
Secret Weapons: Armchair psychologist and male model incognito
Research Interests: The nature of things
Recent work: FTIR and EBSD to determine water content in quartz and characterize grain size distributions of meta-pelites.

Dr. Randy Williams Postdoc 2017-2018
Mineralogical, grain size, geochemical and strength evolution of fault gouge

Status: Research Scientist, University of Wisconsin Madison
Previous Affiliations: PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison, MS: Bowling Green State University
Field Experience: Yes please. 2020 update: It appears Randy is lost in the Mecca Hills
Secret Weapons: Curry wizardry, growing anomalously high abv beer, secret ginger
Research Interests: Faults and fractures, earthquakes, intersections of structure and geochemistry
and geochemistry.
Contact Info: rtwilliams[at]
Recent Work: X-ray investigation of clay gouges. Dating the earthquake cycle. Understanding the role of fluids in fault mechanics. THE MECCA HILLS....

Daphne Saint-Denis BS 2018
Compositional variations in high grade blocks from Jenner, California

Previous Affiliations: None.
Field Experience: Field School 1 in California/Nevada, field assistant in Northern California
Secret Weapons: Undeniably a french fry, can identify a few plants of the boreal forest, always amazed
Research Interests: Not sure yet, water, rocks, and how powerful our planet is
Recent work: Mineral assemblages of blueschists and eclogites from California

Ellie Seery BS 2017
Changes in mineralogy between wall rock and fault gouge from Marin Headlands, California

Previous Affiliations: None.
Field Experience: Field School 1: Mapping in Nevada and southern California
Secret Weapons: Pretending to be a geology major, Brooklyn Princess
Research Interests: MINERALOGY, but pretty much anything that gets me out in the field.
Recent work: Mineralogy of fault gouges formed in oceanic crustal rocks from California------------------------------$

Catherine Ross BS 2016 / MS 2017
The effect of seismic stress changes on off-fault deformation in the Norumbega Fault System, southern Maine

Status: PhD student at UT Austin
Previous Affiliations: BS McGill 2016; Rice University Geology Summer Intern
Field Experience: Field School 1: mapping in Sutton, QC, pseudotachylyte mapping in Norumbega Shear Zone, ME, Field School 2: mapping Buckskin-Rawhide Mts, Searchlight pluton, White Mts, Mammoth Lake, Big Pine Volcanics
Secret Weapons: Groovy dance skills, being a pirate, saying "y'all"
Research Interests: Structural geology, tectonics, pseudotachylytes
Recent work: Geochemistry on pseudotachylytes in Santa Rosa Mylonites, description of ultramylonite and pseudotachylyte in the Norumbega Shear Zone, multi-surface pseudotachylyte fault vein ruptures in the Norumbega Shear Zone, off-fault strain near pseudotachylyte fault veins in Fort Foster, Maine

Erik Young MS 2017
Earthquake slip surface distribution in a lithologically heterogeneous shear zone core

Status: PhD student at Simon Fraser University
Previous Affiliations: BS Carleton University, SFU Glaciology Group
Field Experience: Field school in S. Ontario and Nova Scotia, field work at Pofadder Shear Zone (South Africa) and Lower Fish River-Onseepkans Thrust (Namibia)
Secret Weapons: Spontaneous long distance bicycle commutes, socks and flip flops
Research Interests: Earthquakes and glaciers, modeling and climate, working where rocks and ice live
Recent work: Impacts of glacier geometry and regional climates on alpine glacier climate sensitivity, exploring the interaction of glacier debris cover, katabatic winds and lapse rates

Carla Gonzalez BS 2017
Microstructural analysis of fault mirrors from Dixie Valley

Status: Geologist at Pretium Resources
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Field School 1: mapping in Nevada/California
Secret Weapons: High tolerance to hot sauce and high temperatures                                                            
Research Interests: Rocks and stuff
Recent work: Microstructural analysis on fault mirrors from Dixie Valley, Nevada

Kassandra Sofonio BS 2017
Thin section observations of impact and fault pseudotachylytes

Status: Geologist at the Fenelon Mine, Wallbridge Mining
Previous Affiliations: Baker lab, Williams-Jones lab, Osisko Mining
Field Experience: Field school 1, 2 and 3 with McGill University in California, Nevada and France
Secret Weapons: spontaneous dorky dancing, a kickass intuition (aka ESP) and a love for smashing rocks
Research Interests: ore deposits, metamorphic rocks, impacts, crystal chemistry, pretty much everything except sedimentary rocks
Recent work: Baker and Sofonio (2017) A metasomatic mechanism for the formation of Earth's earliest evolved crust. Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Nick Harrichhausen MS 2016
Role of colloidal transport in the formation of high-grade gold veins at Brucejack, British Columbia

Status: PhD student, UC Santa Barbara
Previous Affiliations: BS Honours (UVic), Geologist at Pretivm Resources
Field Experience: Stockwork vein mapping at Brucejack, volcanic-sedimentary basin stratigraphy in central BC, field school around the Cordillera
Secret Weapons: unwarranted board game competitiveness, boot skiing
Research Interests: structural geology, gold mobilization and deposition in quartz veins, cordilleran tectonics, paleogeography
Recent Work: Structure of a high-grade, electrum-bearing, quartz-carbonate vein stockwork at the Brucejack Deposit, northwestern British Columbia in Geoscience BC, Report 2016-1, 127-138.

Paul Rakoczy BS 2016
Field Assistant

Status: Brewery School
Previous Affiliations: Tree planter
Field Experience: You betcha
Secret Weapons: Will fall asleep anywhere, absolutely raw hammer-flip game, can swim.
Research Interests: Rocks, rocks that moved, Norah Jones
Recent work: Learned how to whistle .......... .....-------------------------------------------------------------- --------------

Mack Muntwyler, BS 2016
Marin Headlands Terrane fault gouge analysis

Status:Safety Pilot
Previous Affiliations: none
Field Experience: Mapping in Sutton, QC, Parker, AZ, Big Pine, CA, fault studies in San Rafael Swell, Utah
Secret Weapons: Planes, Plaids, Hats, and the ability to combine all three.
Research Interests: Greenstone fault gouges, rocks, rocks outdoors, outdoors, planes
Recent work:

Deyanira Cisneros Lazaro Field Assistant, 2015

Status: MS Student, Stellenbosch University / University of Lausanne
Previous Affiliations: None
Field Experience: Various shear zones in southern Namibia
Secret Weapons: Eating ANYTHING during field work, occasional baldness
Research Interests: For now, anything but ocean geochemistry -------------------------------------------------
Contact Info: 17510368[at]

Hendrik Smith Field work 2015
1:50,000 Warmbad Sheet, southern Namibia; BSc Hons Thesis on thrusted terrane boundary.

Status: Intern, Council for Geoscience
Previous Affiliations: BSc Honours, Stellenbosch University
Field Experience: Southern Namibia, HU Sverdrupfjella, Western Dronning-Maud Land, Antarctica, Karoo BasinSecret Weapons: shorts, beard/facewarmer, braaiing
Research Interests: structural geology, tectonics, geodynamics Recent Work:

Naomi Barshi, MS 2015
Linking deformation and diffusion to develop a strain speedometer

Status: Geology Instructor, Swiss Semester
Previous Affiliations: BA cum laude (Smith College), Instructor at John Abbott College, Science Officer with International Ocean Discovery Program
Field Experience: Shear zones in the Grenville Province (Ontario); damage zone mapping in the Marmion Terrane (Ontario); strain gradients in the San Jose Pluton (Baja California); deep-sea drilling offshore Sumatra (Indian Ocean); fly-by, drive-by, and hike-by geology of every place I go
Secret Weapons: Well, then it wouldn't be a secret
Research Interests: education, tectonics, multi-scale patterns in structural geology, tectonic geomorphology, earthquakes, Earth history
Recent work: World travel, Onboard Outreach Officer on IODP JOIDES Resolution Expedition 362 (2016), Instructor at McGill University (2015) and John Abbott College (2016) 2015 GAC-MAC poster - GOLD WINNER, Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards

Nils Backeberg, Ph.D. 2015
Damaged Goods: Regional deformation history and structural controls on the Hammond Reef gold deposit, Atikokan, Ontario

Status: Rare earth, chromium and antimony research analyst and manager at Roskill Information Services
Previous Affiliations: BSc, BSc Honours, MSc (University of Cape Town), The MSA Group (South Africa), PhD (McGill), Postdoc (University College London)
Field Experience: Catastrophic soft sed deformation in the Cape Fold Belt, diabase dykes from Gondwana break-up, carbonatite logging, greenstone-TTG shear zones, Copper-belt cobalt idustry in DRC, rare earth processing plants in China and Malaysia, ferrochrome plants across South Africa and China
Secret Weapons: Titanium leg, late-night text message assault, loving being a new dad.
Research Interests: Market drivers of exploration, economic geology, structural geology, terrane amalgamation, structural and fluid controls on ore forming processes, terrible emo rock.
Publications: Visit Nils' web page

Ben Melosh PhD 2015
Earthquake cycling in the brittle-plastic transition of a transform boundary: The Pofadder Shear Zone, Namibia and South Africa

Status:Postdoc, USGS Menlo Park
Previous Affiliations: BS (UC Santa Cruz), MS (UC Santa Barbara), EBA Engineering
Field Experience: Southern California, central Sierra Nevada, central Andes (Chile), Naukluft Nappe Complex (Namibia), Pofadder Shear Zone (South Africa).
Secret Weapons: High-albedo wind-proof field hat, making up songs about YOU.
Research Interests: Fault zone processes at the brittle-plastic transition, tectonics, structure.
Recent Work: Snap, Crackle, Pop: Dilational fault breccia record seismic slip below the brittle-plastic transition

Christine Regalla NSF Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2015
Effects of seamount subduction on fault geometry and rupture propagation

Status: Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University
Previous Affiliations: BS Lehigh. MS, PhD: Penn State. Visiting prof, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Assistant Prof, Boston University
Field Experience: Timing of Quaternary ruptures, California and Montana, dating growth strata, Japan, onboard scientist IODP Exp 343, erosion rates, general mapping (7.5' quads in Montana), Greece, Washington, Panama.
Secret Weapons: Bad puns, inability to spell
Research Interests: Active tectonics, structural geology, tectonic geomorphology
Recent work:Visit Christine's Website

Matthew Tarling BSc 2015
Experimental slip distribution in lentils as an analog for scaly clay fabrics

Status: PhD student, University of Otago
Previous Affiliations: BSc Physics, 2014, McGill University
Field Experience: Field and underground mapping in northern BC, Tramping around in New Zealand
Secret Weapons: Laptop that looks like a movie bomb, sledgehammer, lentils
Research Interests: Highly variable, but generally related to fault rocks. Current: Serpentinite faults, mélange rheology, Raman spectroscopy, pseudotachylytes and other seismic signatures.
Recent work: The famous Lentil Paper

Kelian Dascher-Cousineau BSc Honours 2015
Correspondence between fault structure and lithology: field observations of the Champlain Thrust Fault

Status: MS student, McGill University (Kirkpatrick Group)
Previous Affiliations: Honours Planetary Science, McGill University
Field Experience: Fault geometry and spatially-varying deformation mechanisms of the Champlain Thrust
Secret Weapons: spider-monkey climbing skills, sporadic disappearances and flash ice-water dips
Research Interests: Work in progress... not geochemistry
Recent work: Geotechnical surveying with German geophysics firm GEO4, Mechanics of the Champlain Thrust

Charlotte Bate BSc 2014
Development of quantitative measures of seismically-induced brittle fracture

Status: MSc Student, University of Wisconsin Madison
Previous Affiliations: BSc 2014 (McGill University) Physics & Geophysics, Research Assistant Saffer/Marone Lab, Penn State
Field Experience: Granite football collecting around the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite (Yosemite Nat'l Park), most recently. Ask me for the rest
Secret Weapons:Power naps, extraordinary rollerblading (coming soon)
Research Interests: Structural geology, Murphy's Law
Recent Work: The emplacement mechanisms of intrusive bodies: The deformation field and kinematics of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite

Timothy John Sherry MSc 2014
Earthquakes at stressed ramps emplace injectites

Status:MS Student, Sports Product Science and Marketing, Oregon State University
Previous Affiliations: BSc with Honours, 2011 (UC Santa Cruz)
Field Experience: Sedimentary injectites in Santa Cruz, pseudotachylyte injection veins in SoCal, ultramylonites in the Pofadder Shear Zone
Secret Weapons: Beard, Photoshop Skillz, Arnold Schwartzenegger quotes
Research Interests: Faults and brittle deformation, fluid and granular flow behavior (especially in fault systems, injectites, Heavy Metal \m/
Recent work: Sherry et al. 2012 G3

Veronica Schnitzer BSc 2014
Variables controlling desiccation cracking and polygon formation

Previous Affiliations: BSc 2014 (McGill University)
Field Experience: Field School 2013 - Nevada/Utah
Secret Weapons: Apparently these are actually well-kept secrets. -Ed.
Research Interests: To be determined
Recent work: Fault rock classification and mechanics of dessication cracking                                                  

Matt Paulson Field Assistant 2014

Status: Fixer, Paulson Manufacturing
Previous Affiliations: BS, University of California Santa Cruz
Field Experience: surfing, hurricanes
Secret Weapons: Fluent in Mexican profanity; drives bitchin' cargo van                                                        
Research Interests: assaulting DG and clay with an excavator

Ian Carvalho Campos BSc 2013
Structures and kinematics of the Iberville Shale footwall in the Champlain Thrust

Status: Rugby player
Previous Affiliations: BSc 2013 (McGill University)
Field Experience: Ferropicrites and archean crustal reworking in the Northeaster Superior Province, QC
Secret Weapons: Leopard-print thong
Research Interests: Mineralogical controls on the behavior of faults, Fault rock characterization and mapping of the Champlain Thrust, vapor transport of metals in ore deposits

Eric Bellefroid Field Assistant 2012
Status: MSc student (PhD Student, Yale University) - Stratigraphy and geochemistry of mid-Proterozoic Muskwa Assemblage
Previous Affiliations: BSc with Honours 2013 (McGill University)
Field Experience: Neoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Yukon, Wabigoon Sub-province Greenstone-TTG shear zones, greenstone belt gold prospecting and soil sampling.
Secret Weapons: Beard, desert camouflage field outfit, disarming Canadianly friendly chatting with strangers
Research Interests: Carbonate sequence stratigraphy and geochemistry. Tectonic controls on Precambrian surface environment
Recent Work: Geochemistry of the Rapitan Iron Formation

Louis Smit Field Assistant 2012

Status: MSc student, University of Cape Town
Previous Affiliations: BSc Hons, MSc University of Cape Town
Field Experience: Microseismics in Western Cape, SA; structural mapping in Pofadder, SA and Namibia
Secret Weapons: Sniffing out black rock, always having a flask of coffee/whiskey
Research Interests: Interplate seismic activity and its tectonic implications, structural geology, rocks and rolls

Aeron Vaillancourt BSc 2012
Primary and secondary structures in the Archean Finlayson Lake Greenstone Belt

Status:Flood and land cover mapper with Natural Resources Canada
Previous Affiliations: BSc McGill 2012
Field Experience: greenstone belts and TTG gneisses in northwest Ontario, Bay of Fundy
Secret Weapons: Con-artist; pool shark
Research Interests: near-real-time mapping, remote sensing, programming
Recent work: Poster from Structural Geology and Tectonics Workshop 2012 (17MB pdf)

Tanya Dreyer Field Assistant 2011

Status:Senior Scientific Officer, University of Cape Town
Previous Affiliations: BSc, BSc Honours (University of Cape Town)
Field Experience: Migmatites in southern Namibia, moraine sampling in Antarctica
Secret Weapons:
Research Interests: Planetary tectonics, Archean crust-forming processes, supercontinent formation and break-up, earth science education

Timothy John Sherry BS 2011 (with Honors) (co-supervised by Jamie Kirkpatrick)
Syn-flow lamination and meso-scale banding in the Yellow Bank Beach Injection
The Yellow Bank Beach clastic injection is a km-scale body of coarse sand which flowed upward into the overlying Monterey Formation diatomites. The sand body has complicated micro-to outcrop textures which include millimeter-scale distorted lamination, meso-scale (10-centimeter) 'kink bands' offsetting the lamination. Regions of hematite cement and regions of black tar-stained dolomite cement both follow and/or crosscut the granular structure. Tim's thesis work involved determining the direct microstructure of the laminations to differentiate between the roles of grain packing, grain composition, aspect ratio, and alignment in creating the observed micro- and meso-fabrics. Tim's work was published in G3 in 2012. He is currently a Ph.D. student at McGill University.

Carly Faber BSc Hons 2009 (First Class)
Silica gel as a possible indicator of paleoseismic slip: A natural example
An apparent paradox arises from the study of earthquake- generating faults which sometimes appear to be strong and sometimes weak, particularly during earthquakes. Several mechanisms for co-seismic weakening have been suggested by laboratory and numerical studies, but natural examples are rare. Carly Faber has examined a possible example of a preserved layer of co-seismically produced silica gel in the Olive Fault, Namibia. Her study represents the best-characterized natural example to date. Carly got a first- class mark for her BSc Hons thesis describing this work in 2009 and presented her results at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Click here to download her poster. She submitted these results for publication in June, 2010. Carly received her MSc with distinction at UCT in 2012 and is currently a PhD student at the University of Tromso, Norway.

Fernando Yorich Gurschzon Sylvester BSc Hons 2009
Changes in fault rock style with fault surface orientation in a continental decollement
Fernando Y. G. Sylvester mapped the detailed geometry of the Naukluft Thrust, basal decollement to the Naukluft Nappe Complex in central Namibia. Fernando's work showed that contrary to previous studies, the thrust surface is not planar but corregated and locally ramping upward in the transport direction. Additionally, Fernando's work showed that the evolution of characteristic "gritty dolomite" fault rock is more spatially heterogeneous and complex in its development than previously reported. Fernando is an exploration geophysicist at Tullo Oil in Cape Town, and completing his MBA.

Simon Baer BSc Hons 2009 (co-supervised by Chris Harris)
Fluid-rock interaction during shear and exhumation of the Colenso Fault, Saldania Belt
Simon Baer studied the evolution of the Colenso Fault in the Saldania Belt of the Western Cape, South Africa, exposed where it deformed the Cape Granite Suite in progressively ductile to brittle fabric during regional uplift. Simon compared the deformation fabrics to the oxygen isotope patterns in and around the fault zone and concluded that significant water-rock interaction could be correlated with fault exhumation, and that temperatures suggested by deformation of different minerals are consistent with those suggested by the oxygen isotopes. Simon is continuing his studies in Germany.

Taufeeq Dhansay BSc Hons 2008 (co-supervised by Johann Diener and Jodie Miller)
Dehydration along fluid pathways during lower-crustal strain in the Mozambique Belt
Taufeeq Dhansay investigated a melt transport network in a mid-crustal deformation zone in the Mozambique Belt. Taufeeq's work showed that distributed pathway development allowed the injection of melt along a network of simultaneously open fractures. The melt, or associated fluids, had extremely low aH2O during migration and altered the host rock to charnockite. Taufeeq received his MSc with Distinction from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2013 and is continuing his career with the mapping unit of the Council for Geoscience (South African Geological Survey).

Nils Rainer Backeberg BSc Hons 2008
Ordovician Mega-scale soft sediment deformation at De Balie, Cederberg Mts, SA
Nils Backeberg investigated the 50m-scale "Fold Zone" in the upper Peninsula Formation and lower Pakhuis Formation of South Africa's Table Mountain Group. He concluded that the Fold Zone formed not due to subglacial shear, as previously reported, but by fluid escape on a catastrophic scale from unconsolidated sediments. Thermal destablization of ice or clathrates may explain the proximal cause of this event. Nils received his BSc Honours degree for this work in 2008 and published in 2009 in South African Journal of Geology. Click here to download the manuscript. Nils received his MSc from UCT in 2011, and is currently a Ph.D. student at McGill University.

Scott Angus Maclennan BSc Hons 2008 (cosupervised by Maarten de Wit)
Structural differentiation between Saldanian and Cape Deformation, Kaaimansgat, SA
Scott Maclennan mapped the large doubly-plunging anticline in Kaaimansgat, in the heart of the Cape Fold Belt Syntaxis, where the previously deformed Neoproterozoic Malmesbury Group is overlain by the Cape Supergroup. The area was later subject to complex interference folding and rotations during the Permo-Triassic Cape Orogeny. Scott used multiple datasets to attempt to untangle the structural history and effect of Cape-age overprinting on the observed geometries. This work earned Scotty a BSc Honours degree in 2008 and he presented a field trip to the Western Cape Branch of the GSSA - download field trip guide here. Scott received his MSc from UCT in 2012 and is now a PhD student at Princeton University.





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