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  1. -Welcome to the group’s newest students, Robert Bogue and Emily Mick, who are starting MSc degrees. And welcome also to Fiona D’Arcy, who finished her MSc last year and is now starting her PhD.

  2. -McGill Drone Day took place on 27 September 2018. It was a roar of a success, with drone aficionados across the campus taking part.

  3. -March 2019. Volcanology fieldtrip to western Costa Rica ... stay tuned!

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Cover photo: Teide volcano as seen from the observatory on Tenerife, Canary Islands



We’re glad you’ve arrived at the McGill Volcanology Research Group’s homepage. Check us out and see some of the cool things we’re doing. We dive into underwater volcanoes, hike into craters to collect samples, use portable mass spectrometers to measure volcanic gases and fly drones. We like to visit interesting volcanoes around the world.

What we like: pumice, dacite, obsidian, explosive volcanoes, andesite, volcanic glass, volcanic gas, lava domes, rhyolite, melt inclusions, magma experiments, any kind of volcanic deposit, basalt

What we don’t like: not much… we like it all!

New publication fissure:

Stix, J., J.M. de Moor, J. Rüdiger, A. Alan, E. Corrales, F. D’Arcy, J.A. Diaz and M. Liotta, 2018. Using drones and miniaturized instrumentation to study degassing at Turrialba and Masaya volcanoes, Central America. J. Geophys. Res., 123: 6501-6520, doi:10.1029/2018JB015655.

Rooyakkers, S.M., C.J.N. Wilson, C.I. Schipper, S.J. Baker and A.S.R. Allan, 2018. Textural and micro-analytical insights into mafic-felsic interactions during the Oruanui eruption, Taupo. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 173: 35, doi:10.1007/s00410-018-1461-6.

Seropian, G. and J. Stix, 2018. Monitoring and forecasting fault development at actively forming calderas: An experimental study. Geology, 46: 23-26, doi:10.1130/G39551.1.

Masaya lava lake, Nicaragua (Becky Paisley photo, Nov 2016).

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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on natural disasters (taught by John Stix)

ICDP Krafla Magma Drilling Project