Prof. A.E. Williams-Jones

A.E. (Willy) Williams-Jones

My research is devoted mainly to understanding the genesis of hydrothermal mineral deposits through a combination of field-based, experimental and theoretical methods. Many such deposits form as a result of metal transport by hydrothermal fluids and subsequent precipitation in response to changes in physico-chemical conditions. Important objectives are thus to determine the nature of these fluids, to identify factors that control their ability to dissolve metals, and to establish mechanisms which cause deposition.

Research Associates, Post-docs and Visiting Scientists

Jim Clark
Research Associate

My current research interests include the mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Archean gold deposits, epithermal and porphyry-related mineralization, and active geothermal systems.  I’m also involved in the development of exploration tools such as alteration zoning pattern recognition and indicator minerals for hydrothermal ore deposits. Outside McGill, I hold the position of Geologist (Research Services) with Aurum Exploration (Canada) Ltd.

Kyle Henderson

I am currently interested in the geochemistry and mineralogy of lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites in the James-Bay region of Quebec, Canada. My focus is on discerning the distribution patterns between economically viable and sub-economic pegmatite fields and understanding the reasons behind the region's exceptional lithium endowment. Additionally, I am investigating the genesis of lithium-enriched oilfield brines, such as those in the Smackover reservoir, and employing uraninite geochronology to assess the origin of Witwatersrand-style gold-uranium deposits.

Jianping Li

My research activities include hydrothermal experiments, geochemical modeling, and field-based work. My interests focus on understanding the alteration and mineralization processes of hydrothermal ore deposits, including porphyry copper and iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) deposits. My current research project concerns the behavior of Sb, In and Sn in vapors relevant to ore formation.

Pei Liang
Visiting Scholar (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

My research interests focus on two fields: 1) the ore-forming processes and fluid evolution of Paleozoic IOCG deposits in basin inversion settings, such as the Laoshankou, Qiaoxiahala and Heijianshan deposits, North Xinjiang, China; and 2) the enrichment mechanisms of REE in magmatic and hydrothermal systems, such as carbonatite-hosted REE deposits (Bayan Obo, Inner Mongolia) and REE-rich phosphorite deposits (Kunyang, Yunnan and Kaiyang, Guizhou).

Duncan McLeish

The Brucejack property in the Stewart-Eskay Creek district of NW British Columbia is host to one of the highest grade and best exposed intermediate sulphidation epithermal gold deposits in the world. My research is focused on: (1) elucidating the origin of high-grade gold mineralisation at Brucejack by characterising the ore and associated hydrothermal alteration; (2) determining the composition of the mineralising fluids; and (3) reconstructing the physicochemical conditions that controlled mineralisation through thermodynamic analysis and testing plausible models of ore formation.

Kirsten Rempel

Research Associate

My research concerns the experimental geochemistry of metal transport and speciation in aqueous and organic ore fluids, and the metal partitioning between coexisting aqueous and organic fluids. Other interests include metal transport in colloidal or nanoparticulate forms, as well as the thermodynamic modelling of metal transport and ore deposition.

Olga Vasyukova
Research Associate

I focus on the mechanisms that favour enrichment of HFSE (mostly REE) in melts and fluids associated with granites and pegmatites, particularly through the use of melt and fluid inclusions, which are the only direct source of physical and chemical conditions at the time of entrapment. The other tools include high temperature hydrothermal experiments and thermodynamic modelling.

Anna Volynets
Research Associate

My current research interests include the petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites, with a focus on magma evolution and lithium mineralization. Using mineral and whole rock geochemistry, fluid/melt inclusion and isotopic analyses, and geothermometry and geobarometry, I hope to develop a comprehensive model of Li-pegmatite genesis and to provide new exploration tools for these deposits. I also have a long-term interest in the igneous petrology of island-arc derived magmas.


Jiaxin Wang


My interests focus on the chemical and physical processes affecting metal transport during hydrothermal processes and their implication for mineralization by combining experimental study with field work. My current research focuses on the geochemical behavior of REE, Sc, Ge and Sn in aqueous liquids.

Wei Zheng

My research focuses on understanding the ore-forming processes and enrichment mechanisms of porphyry-epithermal copper, polymetallic and lode gold deposits through mineralogical and geochemical methods, and high-precision dating of hydrothermal minerals. I am also interested in the formation of rare metal deposits.

Bo Zu
Visiting Scholar (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan)

My research focuses on the orogenic/intrusion-related Au-Sb and porphyry/skarn Cu-Au deposits in the Tianshan belt, extending from Xinjiang to Central Asia. On the basis of field and lab based observations, I use novel geochemistry and isotopic tools to track the hydrothermal processes responsible for alteration patterns and metal precipitation. In particular, I plan to develop insights into the behavior of Cu and Au in hydrothermal fluids to gain a better understanding of the formation of orogenic gold deposits.

Ph.D. Students

Sarah Bodeving
Ph.D. Student

I am interested in the formation of critical metal deposits. My MSc studies focused on the Lofdal carbonatite-hosted REE deposit in Namibia, and my Ph.D. studies concern the Li-Cs-Ta-bearing (LCT) pegmatites of the Separation Rapids deposit, in northwestern Ontario. My research aims to develop a better understanding of the formation and evolution of the pegmatite melts; to determine the origin, timing and chemistry of the metasomatic fluids altering the host rocks; and to establish the physicochemical controls needed for the crystallization of the ore minerals.

Kiera Broda
Ph.D. Student

My thesis research focuses on the role of hydrothermal alteration in the formation of Alaskan-type ultramafic-hosted Ni-Co sulfide mineralization at the Turnagain deposit in northern British Columbia. This will be accomplished by thorough optical and scanning electron microscope examinations to identify sulfide textures and types, which will be followed by quantitative microprobe and isotopic analyses.

Robert Collar
Ph.D. Student

My research focuses on understanding the hydrothermal processes that concentrate cobalt in the crust to form ore deposits.  In particular, I’m interested in the nebulous five-element vein-type deposits, best represented by those at Bou Azzer, Morocco, as well as sediment-hosted stratiform Cu-Co deposits, such as those in the Central African Copperbelt of Zambia and the DRC.  To investigate the processes that form such deposits, I am collecting thermodynamic data for Co-bearing mineral phases, with the goal of constructing geochemical models for the genesis of these deposits.

David Martineau
Ph.D. Student

My research interests revolve around rare earth element (REE) mineralization in iron-oxide-apatite (IOA)- and iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG)-type deposits. Specifically, I study the Kwyjibo deposit, a REE-enriched IOA system located in the Grenville Province, NE of Sept-îles, Québec. My research aims to understand the REE enrichment and history of mineralization of the deposit and to compare it to other IOA districts around the world. The potential for economically important REE concentrations combined with the enigmatic origin of these deposits makes this an exciting field of research.

Kevin Ng
Ph.D. Student

My current research focuses on geochemical and related studies of the epithermal Au-Ag Brucejack deposit in northern British Columbia, Canada. I am also interested in the investigation of REE sorption mechanisms and ore-forming controls in the genesis of regolith-hosted HREE deposits in South China

Evan Slater

Ph.D. Student

Currently I am studying the gold metallogeny in the NW Abitibi, Quebec, with a focus on the recently discovered Fenelon gold system. The project is multi-disciplinary using structural observations and sound geological fundamentals to constrain and interpret geochemical and fluid inclusion data.

Jake Tiong
Ph.D. Student

My research concerns the petrogenesis of the Crater Lake Sc-REE deposit in northern Quebec. It is an alkaline ring-dyke system consist of syenite and ferro-syenite (up to 800 ppm Sc), intruded into the Mistastin Batholith of the Nain Plutonic Suite. My methodology will focus on petrography, major and trace element geochemistry, melt inclusions, and isotopic studies. 

Antoine Vigné

Ph.D. Student

My research interests concern the petrogenesis and geochemistry of LCT pegmatites.  I am currently working on the Moblan Li deposit in James Bay region of Quebec, and my field and laboratory studies will focus on improving our understanding of the genesis of LCT pegmatites, as well as the development of exploration tools for these strategic metal deposits.

M.Sc. Students

Jérémie Coté
M.Sc. Student

My research interests revolve around economic geology problems and mineral exploration.  I focus primarily on critical and rare metals deposits for which a strong supply/demand imbalance exists or is expected in the future.

Gary Fung
M.Sc. Student

My work focuses on the genesis of rare earth elements (REE) in iron-oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits.  I aim to understand the mechanism of REE mineralisation to facilitate exploration and development of these resources.  My current research is on the Kwyjibo deposit, in the Grenville Province of Quebec. My studies will mainly involve petrographic and fluid inclusion analyses.

Javier Bustamante Pablos
M.Sc. Student

My research centers on the genesis of pegmatite-hosted lithium deposits in Quebec's James Bay region. Through geological mapping and sampling, core logging and detailed petrographic and other laboratory analyses, I aim to elucidate the geological processes responsible for the formation of these deposits. 

B.Sc. Students

(none current)

Graduates and Former Group Members


Fuller, K., M.Sc.
An experimental study of the solubility and speciation of uranium(IV) in reduced fluoride-bearing solutions


Henderson, K., Ph.D.
Extreme metal enrichment in Middle Devonian black shales of the Richardson Trough, Yukon, Canada: an integrated mineralogical, geochemical, and isotopic study


McLeish, D., Ph.D.
The nature and origin of the bonanza-grade Brucejack epithermal Au-Ag deposit, northwestern British Columbia

Nisbet, H., Ph.D.
The thermodynamic behavior of thorium and the rare earth elements (REE) in hydrothermal solutions

Nkansa, P., M.Sc.
Constraints on the genesis of the Kibi-Gold Project deposits in the Kibi-Winneba Belt, Ghana

Schultz, C., B.Sc.
Experimental dissolution of pyrochlore and the leaching of Nb

Zheng, H., Ph.D. (CAS-Guangzhou)
Ore genesis of the super-large Huayangchuan U-Nb-REE polymetallic deposit: comprehensive constraints from mineral characteristics


Beland, C., Ph.D.
The contrasting geochemical behaviour of Sc and the other REE as exemplified by the Crater Lake and Ashram deposits, Québec, Canada

Saucier, E., B.Sc.
Petrogenesis of alkaline obsidian-like dykes in the E. African Rift, Kenya

Wasserlauf, J., B.Sc.
Sulfide mineralogy of the Draa Sfar Zn-Pb VMS deposit, Morocco


Degao, Z., Visiting Scientist (CUG Beijing)
Experimental investigation of vanadium solubility in liquid hydrocarbons

Drouin, P., M.Sc.
The Black Dog prospect, Québec, Canada: a rare example of Archean tourmaline breccia-hosted Au-Cu mineralization

Qi, N., Ph.D. (Peking)
Genesis of the Leimengou porphyry Mo deposit, East Qinling Orogen, N. China
Sanz-Robinson, J., Ph.D.
An experimental investigation of the potential role of liquid hydrocarbons as ore fluids for sediment-hosted ore deposits


Laycock, E., M.Sc.
Alteration mapping, mineral trace element chemistry, and sulphur isotopes: implications for gold mineralisation at the Snowfield Au-Cu porphyry deposit in NW British Columbia

Li, M.Y.H., Ph.D. (Hong Kong)
Origin of regolith-hosted HREE deposits in South China

Li, S., B.Sc.
REE mineralization and metasomatism of carbonate/oxide facies BIF's

Shang, L., Visiting Scientist (CAS, Guiyang)
Molybdenum speciation in NaCl-H2O fluids

Wang, J., Ph.D. (CUG Beijing)
Mechanisms of scandium enrichment and mineralization in fluoride-bearing hydrothermal solutions

Wang, X, Post-doc
Solubility and speciation of tungsten in NaCl-bearing aqueous solutions, and the metallogeny of W deposits in China

Zhang, B., visiting Ph.D. student (Peking)
Metallogenic study of the Axi gold deposit in western Tianshan, Xinjiang, China


Gaillard, N., Ph.D.
The lithogeochemical and mineral-chemical alteration footprints of the Canadian Malartic gold deposit, Québec: Implications for ore-vectoring in metamorphic terranes

Qui, J.W., Ph.D. (Hong Kong)
The origin of the late Paleozoic Dajiangping sedex-type pyrite deposit in southeastern China

Timofeev, A., Ph.D.
The solubility, speciation, and transport of the high field strength elements (HFSE), Nb, Ta, and U

Yuan, S., Visiting Scientist (Inst. Mineral Res., CAS Beijing)
Metallogeny of tungsten and tin deposits in southern China


Casselman, J., B.Sc.
Li-pegmatite mineralization at Separation Rapids, Ontario

Rosadiuk, K., Post-doc
Speciation of metals in crude oils

Siegel, K., Ph.D.
The origin and magmatic evolution of the REE-rich Strange Lake A-type peralkaline granite, northern Québec-Labrador, Canada

Sofonio, K., B.Sc.
Nano-particulate tungsten in cassiterite from San Rafael, Peru

Zheng, L., Ph.D. (CUG Beijing)
Origin of niobium mineralization in the Bonga carbonatite, Angola


Libbey, R.B., Ph.D.
Exposing the geometry of large-scale geothermal hydrology by lithogeochemical, mineral-chemical, and petrographic methods

Moller, V., Ph.D.
The nature and origin of the Nechalacho rare metal deposit (REE, Nb, Zr), Northwest Territories, Canada

Nisbet, H., B.Sc.
Cassiterite mineralization at the San Rafael tin deposit, Peru

Vasyukova, O., Post-doc
REE-related melt inclusions at Strange Lake, Quebec


Bodeving, S., M.Sc.
Petrogenesis of the Lofdal Intrusive Suite: Implications for rare earth elements mineralisation
Chua, Z., Post-doc
Speciation of metals in crude oils

Fuchs, S., Ph.D.
The role of hydrocarbons in the Witwatersrand gold and uranium deposits, and the genesis of the Witwatersrand-style Black Reef deposits, South Africa

Grandillo, E., B.Sc.
Petrology of the Lugin Gol gold-iron skarn, Mongolia

MacWilliam, K., M.Sc.
The geochemistry of albitisation in the Nechalacho Layered alkaline complex, Northwest Territories, Canada
Sugiyama, I., M.Sc.
Metal transport by oil: application to ore genesis


Gysi, A., Post-doc
Modelling of hydrothermal alteration and REE mineralization

Hurtig, N., Ph.D.
Metal transport in aqueous low- and intermediate-density fluids during decompression and cooling in magmatic-hydrothermal systems

Migdisov, A., Res. Assoc. (Los Alamos N.L.)
Experimental aqueous geochemistry

Pare, P.-A., B.Sc.
Mineralogy of the Mountain Pass REE deposit, California

Pearce, K., B.Sc.
Solubility of zinc in hydrocarbon liquids

Trofanenko, J., M.Sc.
The nature and origin of the REE mineralization in the Wicheeda Carbonatite, British Columbia, Canada


Nekrasov, S., Ph.D. (Moscow State)
Solubility studies of gallium and aluminum in hydrothermal fluids


Berryman, E., M.Sc.
Carbonation of steel slag

Bourque, N., B.Sc.
Solubility of ytterbium and related elements at elevated temperatures

Brosseau-Liard, A., M.Sc.
The nature and origin of REE and associated rare metal mineralization in the B-zone at Strange Lake, Québec

del Greco, K., B.Sc.
Petrology of recent silicate bombs from Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania

Helt, K., M.Sc.
The Canadian Malartic deposit: an example of oxidized, intrusion-related gold mineralization in the Abitibi greenstone belt, Québec, Canada

King, J., M.Sc.
Vapour-dominated high-sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag systems: geology, alteration and mineralization of the hypogene Au (Ag-Cu) Bowone and Binebase deposits, Sangihe Island, Indonesia

Loges, A., Ph.D. (Tubingen)
Solubility of yttrium in fluoride-bearing solutions

Petrella, L., M.Sc.
The nature and origin of REE mineralization in the Misery syenitic intrusion, northern Québec, Canada

Scher, S., M.Sc.
Fumarolic activity, acid-sulfate alteration and high-sulfidation epithermal precious metal mineralization in the crater of Kawah Ijen volcano (Java, Indonesia)

Sugiyama, I., B.Sc.
Solubility of palladium in hydrocarbon liquids

Timofiev, A., B.Sc.
Nature of gallium mineralization at the Thor Lake REE deposit, NWT

Wildau, A., M.Sc. (Leipzig)
Mineralogy of the Bon Accord NiO deposit, South Africa


Bourque, N., Tech.
Mineralogical and geochemical studies of hydrothermal systems

Kleiman, A., B.Sc.
Solubility of zinc in aqueous vapour

Nadeau, O., Ph.D.
The behaviour of base metals in arc-type magmatic-hydrothermal systems – insights from Merapi volcano, Indonesia


Berlo, K., Res. Assoc.
Gases and alteration at Kawah Ijen volcano, Indonesia

Berryman, E., B.Sc.
CO2 sequestration in Ca-orthosilicate slag

Castillo, M., M.Sc. (Toulouse)
Mineralogy of the Rossing uranium deposit, Namibia

Gagnon, C., B.Sc.
Geochemistry of Archean gold deposits

Generoux, C.-A., B.Sc.
Fumerole and alteration studies at Ijen volcano, Indonesia

Sasseville, C., Post-doc
Hyperspectral imaging of hydrothermal alteration

Sheard, E.R., M.Sc.
Behaviour of zirconium, niobium, yttrium and the rare earth elements in the Thor Lake rare-metal deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada

van Hinsberg, V., Post-doc
Thermodynamic and experimental modelling of the behaviour of REE in natural systems

Zezin, D., Ph.D.
The solubility of gold in water-hydrogen sulphide vapours: An experimental study


Bourgault, M.-A., Tech.
Alteration at the Canadian Malartic gold deposit, Quebec

Harlap, A., Tech.
Experimental modelling of CO2 sequestration in slag

Heiligmann, M., Post-doc
Genesis of REE mineralization at Thor Lake, NWT

Robidoux, P., B.Sc.
Acid alteration at Kawah Ijen dome, Indonesia


Gilbert, C., B.Sc.
Gas-metal transport at Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania

Harlap, A., M.Sc.
Alteration and ammonium enrichment vectors to low-sulphidation epithermal mineralization: insights from the Banderas gold-silver prospect

Klein, K., B.Sc.
Mineralization and alteration at the Balmat zinc mine, New York

Rempel, K.U., Ph.D.
The solubility and speciation of molybdenum in aqueous liquid and vapour: An experimental study


Cambpell, M., Tech.
Metal solubilities in fluids and gases

Dolansky, L.M., M.Sc.
Controls on the genesis of hydrothermal cobalt mineralization: insights from the mineralogy and geochemistry of the Bou Azzer deposits, Morocco

Hartzler, J., M.Sc.
The geological exploration of kimberlitic rocks in Quebec

Karimi, B., Tech.
Geochemistry of iron ores

Rough, M., Tech.
Fluid chemistry of emerald deposits, Colombia


Fu, O., Tech
Metal solubilities in volcanic gases

Gagnon, J.V., Ph.D.
Genesis of hydrothermal HFSE mineral deposits: Evidence from laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS)


Burniaux, P., B.Sc.
Fluid evolution at the Imiter Ag-Hg deposit, Morocco

Heiligmann, M., Ph.D.
Genesis and metamorphism of the Hemlo gold deposit, Ontario

Mlynarczyk, M.S.J., Ph.D.
Constraints on the genesis of lode-style tin mineralization: evidence from the San Rafael tin-copper deposit, Peru

Robert, G., B.Sc.
Paragenesis of the Agoudal cobalt deposit, Morocco


Ault, K.M., Ph.D.
Geochemistry, physiochemical controls, and genesis of the El Mochito Zn-Pb-Ag skarn-hosted deposit, Honduras

Harlap, A., B.Sc.
Clay alteration and related epithermal mineralization in Guatemala

Meidener, M.M., Ph.D. (J. Gutenberg)
The solubility of metallic mercury in toluene

Neilson, S., B.Sc.
Mineralogy of the Rossing U deposit, Namibia

Rempel, K.U., M.Sc.
The solubility and speciation of molybdenum in water vapour at elevated temperatures and pressures: implications for ore genesis

Vigouroux, N., B.Sc.
Chemistry of melt inclusions from Reunion volcano


Chouinard, A., Ph.D.
The geology and geochemistry of the high-sulfidation Au-Ag-Cu Pascua deposit, Chile-Argentina

Raymond, J., B.Sc.
Origin of gold-bearing scales at the Berlin geothermal field, El Salvador

Schatz, O., M.Sc.
Experimental investigation of boron partitioning among melt, brine and vapor in the system haplogranite-H2O-NaCl at 800ºC and 100 MPa

Wagner, T., Post-doc
Magmatism and gold-tin-tungsten mineralization


Archibald, S.M., Ph.D.
The role of vapour in the transport and deposition of metals in ore-forming systems

Beheshti, P., Tech.
Experimental fluid-rock interaction and sulfate interaction

Migdisov, A., Post-doc
Experimental aqueous geochemistry

Wright, C., M.Sc.
Geology and lithogeochemistry of the Chester Group and hydrothermal sediments of the Swayze greenstone belt, Superior province, Ontario


Goodman, S., Res. Assoc.
Origin of the Troilus gold-copper deposit, Quebec

Grondin, O., M.Sc.
Controls on gold mineralization at the Onaman prospect, northwestern Ontario

Normand, C., Ph.D.
Experimental and field investigations of serpentinization and rodingitization  


Carles, P., M.Sc.
Constraints on the genesis of the Archean Troilus gold-copper deposit, Quebec


Barnes, N., B.Sc.
Role of geology in gold mine equity analysis

Kranidotidis, P., Res. Assist.
Fluid-inclusion microthermometry of hydrothermal ore deposits

Olivo, G., Post-doc
Genesis of Archean Au deposits

Sakoma, E., Res. Assist.
Nature of asbestiform minerals at the Jeffrey mine, Quebec

Smuk, K., M.Sc.
Metallogeny of epithermal gold and base metal veins of the southern Dawson Range, Yukon

Xiao, Z., Ph.D.
Experimental and theoretical studies of the solubility of copper in liquid and vapor in the system NaCl-HCl-H2O


Marr, R., Ph.D.
An investigation of zirconium and titanium-bearing alkali aluminosilicate glasses: solubility experiments, Raman spectroscopy and sodium-23 nuclear magnetic resonance analyses

Palmer, D.A., Ph.D.
The evolution of carbonatite melts and their aqueous fluids: Evidence from Amba Dongar, India and Phalaborwa, South Africa


Hezarkhani, A., Ph.D.
Physicochemical controls on alteration and copper mineralization in the Sungun porphyry copper deposit, Iran


Halter, W., Ph.D.
Physicochemical controls on greisen formation and cassiterite deposition at the East Kemptville tin deposit, Nova Scotia

Gammons, C., Post-doc
Solubility and speciation of gold in hydrothermal fluids at elevated temperatures


Mulja, T., Ph.D.
Magmatic and hydrothermal processes in rare-element granite-pegmatite systems: the Preissac-Lacorne batholith, Québec, Canada


Palmer, D., M.Sc.
Geology and geochemistry of the Amba Dongar carbonatite-hosted fluorite deposit, India

Stefanini, B., Ph.D.
The Calabona porphyry copper deposit, northwest Sardinia

Salvi, S., Ph.D.
Magma degassing and wall-rock alteration in the rare metal-rich peralkaline granite at Strange Lake, Québec/Labrador


Fournier, A., M.Sc.
Magmatic and hydrothermal controls of LREE mineralization of the St.-Honoré carbonatite, Québec

Thiersch, P., M.Sc.
Mineralization and ore controls of the Shasta Ag-Au deposit, Toodoggone River area, British Columbia


Mountain, B.M., Ph.D.
Fluid-rock interaction paths: Natural and experimental examples

Vard, E., Redpath
Fluid inclusions in vug minerals in dawsonite-altered phonolite sills, Montréal, Québec:  Implications for HFSE mobility


Guillimette, N., M.Sc.
Geology and geochemistry of the Ixtahuacan Sb-W deposits, northwestern Guatemala

Linnen, R.L., Ph.D.
Contrasting styles of Sn-W mineralization in western Thailand


Khositanont, S., M.Sc.
The genesis of the Sn-W deposits at Samoeng mine, Thailand

Salvi, S., M.Sc.
A fluid inclusion study of calcium metasomatism and Zr-Y-REE-Nb-Be mineralization in peralkaline granite at Strange Lake, Labrador-Quebec


Ferriera, D., B.Sc.
Fluid inclusion studies and the origin of cupriferous calc-silicate hornfelses at Patapedia, Québec

Samson, I., Post-doc
Fluid inclusion geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits

Taner, H., M.Sc.
The nature, origin and physicochemical controls of hydrothermal Mo-Bi mineralization in the Cadillac and Pressiac deposits, Québec


Cattalani, S., M.Sc.
A fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of the St. Robert W-Ag-Bi vein deposit, Eastern Townships, Québec


Stevens, K., M.Sc.
Fluid inclusion and geological studies on the zinc lead copper vein system and Lemieux dome, Gaspé, Québec


Linnen, R.L., M.Sc.
Contact metamorphism, wall rock alteration, and mineralization at the Trout Lake stockwork molybdenum deposit, southeastern British Columbia

Nast, H.J., M.Sc.
The geology and petrochemistry of the Sisson Brook W Cu Mo deposit, New Brunswick

van Bosse, J., M.Sc.
Metamorphism and alteration in the contact aureole of the McGerrigle Mountains pluton, Gaspé, Québec


Davis, W., B.Sc.
A fluid inclusion study of the porphyry‑greisen, tungsten‑molybdenum deposit at Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick, Canada

Sawiuk, M.J., M.Sc.
The nature and origin of Pre Helikian stratabound uranium mineralization at Karpinka Lake, Saskatchewan


Duba, D., M.Sc.
The application of illite crystallinity, organic matter reflectance and isotopic techniques to the exploration of sedimentary hosted hydrothermal ore deposits

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