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Ultrahigh-grade (bonanza) electrum mineralization in (A) a calcite-quartz vein hosted by sericitized crystal tuff in the underground mine workings and (B) in a calcite nanoveinlet (bright-field TEM image). The two images emphasize the strong similarity between massive (clotted) electrum at the macro and nano scales. Spherical nanoparticles of electrum are evident in the bottom left corner of the nanoveinlet. (from McLeish et al., 2021)

Bright-field TEM images of the contact between a large electrum grain and the calcite matrix in a calcite-quartz vein. (A) Abundant spherical electrum nanoparticles in calcite and (B) an electrum nanoparticle with a lattice fringe spacing of 2.32 Å.  (from McLeish et al., 2021)

                    Fieldwork at Separation Rapids Li pegmatite project, (L to R) Olga, Willy and Sarah.

Fieldwork at Separation Rapids Li project. Sarah mapping LCT pegmatite dykes, hosted in amphibolite.

Pegmatite dyke at Lilypad Lakes Cs-Ta-Li project, with rubellite (pink), spodumene (white) and lepidolite (purple).

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