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ESYS 104 The Earth System Winter Minarik
EPSC 180 Terrestrial Planets Winter Jensen
EPSC 181 Environmental Geology Winter Minarik
EPSC 185 Natural Disasters Fall Stix
EPSC 199 FYS: Earth & Planetary Exploration Fall Minarik
EPSC 201 Understanding Planet Earth Fall Jensen
EPSC 201 Understanding Planet Earth Winter Jensen
EPSC 203 Structural Geology Fall Rowe
EPSC 210 Introduction to Mineralogy Fall Paquette
EPSC 212 Introductory Petrology Winter Berlo
EPSC 220 Principles of Geochemistry Fall Mucci/Williams-Jones
EPSC 221 General Geology Fall Mucci/Williams-Jones
EPSC 225 Properties of Minerals Winter Paquette
EPSC 231 Field School 1 Summer Staff
EPSC 233 Earth and Life History Fall Halverson
EPSC 240 Geology in the Field Fall Rempel
EPSC 320 Elementary Earth Physics Fall Liu
EPSC 331 Field School 2 Summer Staff
EPSC 334 Invertebrate Paleontology Winter Paquette
EPSC 355 Sedimentary Geology Fall Halverson
EPSC 340 Earth and Planetary Inference Fall Minarik
EPSC 341 Field School 3 Summer Staff
EPSC 350 Tectonics Winter Rowe
EPSC 396 Undergraduate Research Project Fall Liu
EPSC 423 Igneous Petrology Winter Francis
EPSC 425 Sediments to Sequences Winter Halverson
EPSC 435 Geophysical Applications Winter Harrington
EPSC 445 Metamorphic Petrology Winter Williams-Jones
EPSC 452 Mineral Deposits 2 Fall Williams-Jones
EPSC 501 Crystal Chemistry Fall Paquette
EPSC 510 Geodynamics and Geomagnetism Fall Gomez
EPSC 519 Isotope Geology Winter Douglas
EPSC 530 Volcanology Fall Stix
EPSC 542 Chemical Oceanography Fall Mucci
EPSC 549 Hydrogeology Winter McKenzie
EPSC 550 Selected Topics 1 Fall, Winter Staff
EPSC 551 Selected Topics 2 Fall, Winter Staff
EPSC 552 Selected Topics 3 Fall, Winter Staff
EPSC 561 Ore-Forming Processes Winter Williams-Jones
EPSC 567 Advanced Volcanology Winter Stix
EPSC 580 Aqueous Geochemistry Fall Mucci
EPSC 590 Applied Geochemistry Seminar Winter Baker/Mucci
EPSC 644 Topics - Advanced Earth Sciences 1 Fall Staff
EPSC 645 Topics - Advanced Earth Sciences 2 Winter Staff