Complex geometries of dolomite cemented sandstone(blue) and limonite cemented sandstone(tan) at the Yellow Bank Beach Injectite, Santa Cruz County, California
I am a third year Masters student in Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University with a focus in Structural Geology. I study faults and brittle deformation with the goal of elucidating earthquake processes from the geologic record. I am beginning a project studying large and small scale fault geometries of the Naukluft Thrust in Namibia to learn how variations in fault geometry affects the formation and damage of fault rock.
Previously I studied macro- and microstructures of a large-scale aqueous and hydrocarbon saturated sandstone injectitie in Santa Cruz, County, California while at University of California Santa Cruz.. The Yellow Bank Beach Injectite is a natural example of a mass fluid flow, preserving primary textures created during a phase of granular slurry dewatering.

Timothy J. Sherry, Ph.D Student

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